With regular therapy sessions you can keep your horse feeling his best and show him that you’re listening to him. You’ll improve your connection to your horse without feeling frustrated because he’s being a butt!

What I do is more than just massage. I use several different modalities, which allows me to completely tailor my sessions to each individual horse. Every session with Wellspring Animal Therapies is all about your horse and what he’s telling us. I work at his pace, following his lead and even add a touch of “woo woo” in there through sending intention, love and gentle sunlight through my hands and into the animal, allowing them to breathe through it.

Lilo got her very first massage today from the wonderful Lorraine Waite, Equine Massage Therapist. She did about 6 downward facing dogs during her session and countless yawns, camel faces and check ins with us and herself. I was amazed by how many releases she had. It takes a village to raise an athlete please check Lorraine out!

Melissa M

What is the Feeling of "Om"?

The feeling of “Om” is how I love to explain what I give horses during our time together.

It feels like becoming balanced when you didn’t realize you were unbalanced before, relaxed when you didn’t notice the tension until it was gone, being able to move without fighting myself to move. Speak the word softly to yourself, at the front of your mouth, savoring it as it moves back to the base of your tongue and down into your chest, belly and down to your toes. The reverberation settles those tiny gaps of discord out into the air to drift away. When I work with horses to release their tensions, worries, problems into the air, I subvocalize and project that energy into them as they can accept it, smoothing out the tiny gaps, knots, little jagged pieces of pain and discomfort.
Do I do deep, rolling massage and pressure point release? Yes, as the horse needs it.
Does the horse sometimes get uncomfortable? Yes, because they’ve been hiding that discomfort, restriction, discontinuity, and it can be painful to unhook it, it can make them feel unbalanced, until the energy levels out again. I work slowly enough that the energy I give to them has the chance to smooth out that uncomfortable, unbalanced feeling, and they can learn to accept what I’m asking them to do.

When I say “I help your horse find ‘Om’,” I’m helping find that grounded, yet fluid, comfortable and powerful feeling that allows them to feel like they can do anything you ask of them.

The See-to-Believe Benefits of Massage Therapy

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Dude hurt himself playing in his paddock. In the videos his owner sent me, I could see he wasn't moving his hips/pelvis when he walked, regardless of the footing. In the before photo, he's stiff and 'hunched in', in the neck and shoulder, rigid through the back, and bracey-tight in his hips. His hip is curled in a bit, protecting his inner flank.

In the after photo, he's more settled, interacting with the outside again. His neck and shoulder are more relaxed, his barrel is less rigid. His lumbar, hip and inner flank are less tight and defensive and he's standing up, with a relaxed tail. When he was walked out, he was still a little abrupt with his hind leg strides, but he was much less so, and more willing to walk on firm and concrete surfaces.

Please be ready for your appointment!

Please have equine brush-clean, hooves picked, and fly-sprayed if needed. Work area should be clear of tripping hazards and feed, and quiet.

Nervous animals may need several sessions to really get to the heart of any issues, but they should show improvement after the first session. Red Light Therapy may be used to augment massage.

What's Included in an Initial Session

Please be ready for your appointment!

Please have equine brush-clean, hooves picked, and fly-sprayed if needed. Work area should be clear of tripping hazards and feed, and quiet.

What's Included in a Regular Session

Red Light Therapy

Using both Hand-held and Pain-Free Pad, I can help your animal get relief from pain and discomfort due to arthritis, injury to joints, tendons and muscles, spasm in muscles, over-exertion or illness.

Single-site Red Lighting for injury-healing is available for local clients (Within 45 miles of Oakdale) or if I am at your location already for massages, and will be charged $20.

In 40 years with horses, I've learned that a horse with pain/discomfort cannot perform well, and gets cranky. I've found massage therapy to be an effective way to help keep a performance or elder horse moving comfortably. Lorraine has a way of establishing a happy relationship with a horse, working through their defenses to where they understand she's their friend and makes them feel better. I've seen her work with everything from minis to warmbloods with excellent results.

Sharon W

Want to give another type of pet the feeling of "Om"?

Whether you have a dog, cat, goat or ferret I can help them feel better!

Not sure if a therapy session is right for your horse?