Rediscover a partnership with your horse that will have you dancing all the way to the barn!

More than just a massage: therapy sessions tailored to your horse’s specific physical, mental and emotional blockages. Take frustration and dread out of being with your horse and get back to connecting in the saddle and on the ground, because when your horse feels good, he will be good.

Does this sound familiar?

You have to go to the barn, but you don’t want to. You know it’s just going to end in another fight with your horse. He doesn’t want to work, won’t listen to you and you’re so tired of being embarrassed and frustrated. It take all of the fun of having horses out of it. You’ve done all the training things and nothing has helped. You feel like giving up. This isn’t what you pictured when you dreamed of having your own horse.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Confidence and Connection With a Willing Partner

A regular therapy session is an important step to rediscovering your confidence and connection so your horse becomes a willing partner in your relationship. When your horse feels good, she will be good. 

You can have fun at the barn when your horse is relaxed, responsive and moving freely. Everything about your relationship with your horse starts with how their body feels. From grooming to trails to competition, everything will improve because you are listening to your horse’s needs and she knows that you understand her. 


You will connect better with your horse because they know you are listening and understanding their needs.


You will be excited to go to the barn because you have confidence knowing it will be a fun and rewarding experience.


You will have an equal and responsive partnership because your horse is more relaxed, feels good and wants to work.

I'm a horse person, too!

I’m a lifelong horse person, so I know how frustrating it feels to fight your horse instead of just having a fun ride. I’ve worked with dozens of people in my 4+ years as a bodyworker in California. I help horses and their riders have fun together, with a custom therapy session, tailored to the horse’s specific physical, mental and emotional blockages. My mission in life is to give you and your horse the opportunity to connect by allowing them the space to be heard and understood. It’s no fun to be around your horse when they’re being a butt, so let’s listen together and help her feel good, so you can reconnect with her.

Happy Clients

Some of my wonderful clients who reconnected with a horse that feels good and wants to work!

Roger C
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Boots Scootin' Boogie [Boots] wants the equine world to know how much better he is feeling, since you worked on his hind end. His paddock neighbors want to protest that he has returned to being an irritating, irascible, pain in the butt, Mini, and want words with you!
Sharon R
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Thanks for loving Lacey like you do. I appreciate it. So does she! I wish you could have seen her in her stall tonight....she looked great, standing tall and happy. You did that!
Nicole S
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Lorraine has been an integral part of keeping my injured, EPM-stricken horse feeling as well as he possibly can. In addition to her healing hands, Lorraine is a true horsewoman who treats each client as an individual— with individual characteristics and needs. I highly recommend her to any and all. My horses love when she comes to visit them.
Lisa G
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Equine massage therapy should be a part of every horse's training and wellness program, and Lorraine is exceptional at her profession. My pony has no physical issues, but she loves Lorraine's attention, and is way more supple and dynamic after her session. Love those "Magic Hands"!
Lynette S
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Love love love watching my horses get taken care of by Lorraine!!!! She pays attention to their needs and special requests. There is a communication between her and my horses the whole time. When she is done my horses are much much better and freer than before. She is worth every Penny we spend on her and more!!!!

Not sure if a therapy session is right for your horse?